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Bill Evans’ Soulgrass – Preview for February 22nd Shows

Seeing a quote like, “Bill is one of the greatest musicians I’ve come upon,” to describe the great saxophonist, Bill Evans, is quite high praise, but the bar gets set really high when the quote is from the greatest musician himself, Miles Davis.  The thing is though, unlike some musicians that occasionally fall short of the praise they’ve received, Bill Evans and Soulgrass will have absolutely no problem meeting incredible expectations come their show on Saturday.  Come in expecting some monstrous jams, some of the greatest sax lines you’ll ever hear, a roaring banjo, cool tunes, phenomenal band to back it up, and you’ll get all of your desires met. We’re in store for quite a show!

Soulgrass, Evans’ current project, was initiated when he released an album in 2006 that featured his great sax playing along with bluegrass icons like Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan and others.  Still going super strong today, he now has a set band that features the impeccable musicianship of Ryan Cavanaugh, Josh Dion, Mitch Stein, Clifford Carter, and Andy Hess.  Each musician is at the top of their game and typically leaves the audience delightfully stunned with their virtuosity.  One would be hard-pressed to find a sax player into more things than their leader, Bill Evans.  In his career, he has worked alongside Miles, recording 6 albums with him, as well as the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Mick Jagger, Lee Ritenour, Dave Weckl, Dave Grusin, Herbie Hancock, Sam Bush, Warren Haynes and many others.  He has recorded 19 solo albums and is no stranger to GRAMMY awards.  An active touring musician, we are lucky to have this icon pass through Cambridge!

(Want to get a listen before Saturday?  Check out his newest album Dragonfly as well as his previous albums The Other Side of Something and Soulgrass)

~Matt Scutchfield (contemporary composer and instrumentalist at Berklee College of Music)