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Berklee Global Jazz Institute - October 21, 2023

15th Anniversary Concert Celebration

7:30PM Show: Buy Tickets Here

A concert showcasing some of the most prominent faculty and alumni of the prestigious Berklee Global Jazz Institute on its 15th anniversary.

Nadia Washington, Farayi Malek & Jireh Calo – Vocals

Angela Varo – Violin

Jon Shillingford – Trumpet

Lihi Haruvi, Patricia Perez & Samuel Batista – Saxophone

David a Gilmore & Sebastian Fuentes – Guitar

Jacob Means – Mandolin

Chase Morrin, Witness Matlou & Jose Soto – Piano

Ian Ashby & Greg Loughman – Bass

Andre Sudol & Lee Fish – Drums

Jerry Leake & George Lernis – Percussion